When it comes to ensuring you have quality temporary Wi-Fi for your conference, how do you know what to look for? When you check with the venue and they say “it’s all okay, we have Wi-Fi…” do you leave it at that?

Fli-Fi shares its top tips on what to consider when planning connectivity for your conference. We will help you understand the functionality to look for and enable you
to head out on the path to getting connectivity right, and maybe even gain some useful insight that you didn’t expect to get.

Why put on temporary conference WI-FI?

It’s obviously not a given that you must have it, but chances are your delegates, conference team and guests will expect it. Most venues will already provide you with some kind of wireless con- nectivity but it might not meet your requirements and you need to ask a few questions in advance, save yourself the awkward dashing about on setup day.

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