Project Description


Stunning real life Mermaids available to dazzle crowds with spectacular performances both on land and underwater to have guests bubbling with excitement.

Mermaids aren’t just for beach parties any more!

These beautiful mermaid performers can provide elegant dry-land installations, underwater performance, children’s entertainment – and anything else you can imagine.

The mermaids perform at luxury events as real mermaids, performing on land and underwater, both solo and as a group.

It’s not just children’s entertainment either – they can swim in pools with adult guests, or in tanks, aquariums, Martini glasses etc. As well as swimming in a full prosthetic mermaid tail, they can also combine mermaiding with fire, Aerial net, feather fans, face/body painting, and making giant bubbles.

Perfect for…
The Mermaids are perfect for private parties, black tie balls, cabaret nights, themed events, restaurant special events, festivals, fetes, and garden parties.

Whether you’re hosting an elegant Venetian masquerade, enjoying a Hawaiian luau or doing something completely different, these ladies are the perfect entertainment choice.

The Mermaids can fit any theme – or none at all.

They work closely with each client to ensure that their performers will match your event perfectly.

Surprise your guests with a trio of sirens in the bathtub, handing out drinks or greeting new arrivals; no-one can resist the opportunity to be photographed with real-life mermaids.

Singing Mermaids
For an extra shimmer of enchantment, we can offer the Singing Mermaids package: three mermaids and a ukulele prove that the spirit of the ancient Sirens is alive and kicking (well, flippering).

Your guests will be bewitched by their magical medley of cheeky sea-themed songs and shanties. Guaranteed not to cause shipwrecks – even when the rum’s been flowing freely on deck…

Underwater Performances
See the sirens in their natural element: water. The mermaids are at home on land, but it’s underwater that they really come to life.

Watching real-life mermaids swim and dive is a truly otherworldly experience, perfect if you’re hosting an event where there’s a pool, tank or other body of water available.

Promotional Appearances
One mermaid is eye-catching. Three mermaids are impossible to ignore. Dazzle your audience and make a splash with an appearance by these beautiful sirens.

Whether they’re greeting guests, handing out flyers or simply providing an incredible photo opportunity for passers-by, you can be certain they’ll attract attention and turn heads wherever they go.