Tom Linsk

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Musical performance requires these criteria for greatness: an unyielding passion to perform, boundless talent, a natural ability to entertain and captivate audiences, and, most of all, an innate, heart-felt connection to music. Many performers can sing; however, few can transform their performances into expressions of genuine emotion.

Tom Linsk’s performance ability encompasses all of these talents. His unique approach to every song demonstrates how audiences are enthralled by his versatility. Furthermore, Tom developed and perfected a style of his own, enhancing his performances into a realm of supreme quality. He performs exceptionally in various styles – from standards, jazz, rock, and pop to contemporary music and crowd favorites. He accomplishes this through his endless passion, delivering freshness with each and every song.

Tom started playing piano at the age of seven. His passion and talent led him to embark on a musical journey and career. Tom spent his early years in Las Vegas, NV, inspired and influenced by the great performers of the time. After stints in St. Louis and Miami, he relocated to Chicago where his musical career flourished. Whether Tom is with his trio, quartet, big band or simply performing solo he is regarded as one of Chicago’s finest entertainers. Tom has performed along with Lisa McClowry at the Red Head Piano Bar, as well as many other clubs and lounges in the Chicago area, since 1991. In addition, Tom has not only performed at special events for Oprah Winfrey and other Chicago area celebrities but all over the United States. He has traveled from one coast to the other entertaining people for over 25 yrs.

As a pianist, vocalist, and composer, Tom has established himself as a premier musical artist in the Chicago-area. As in every genre, talented and driven artists progress, augment their skills, broaden their artistic horizons, and increase their audience base. Undoubtedly, Tom has and will continue to accomplish all of the above.

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