Project Description


Hello. My name is Wallace…

Before you ask, I am 6’9”, Yes, I play basketball, but only recreationally. And our weather is the same weather. My interests include pondering why we are hurdling through the nothingness (or the very much somethingness?) of space on a rock for seemingly no reason, transcribing those thoughts and feelings into song form, and then recording those songs for other confused “humans” to help them cope with and celebrate the absurdities, extremes, and monotonies that we encounter on a daily basis. If something happens in day to day life and makes me feel a thing, then I’ll probably write about it, If you’re talking to me and say something like “strong opinions, weakly held,” I’m probably going to write that phrase down in my phone and use it in a song later. And if we’re still talking, but it seems like I spaced out, the first verse is done.

I’m trying to experience as much of the joy and bittersweet wonder (pain) that life has to offer in my time here, make some music, and generally abide by a few basic principles:

  1. Do what makes you feel good (Within Reason)
  2. Be kind to others (As in, if the thing that makes you feel good makes another person feel not good, then don’t do the thing)
  3. Repeat

If that sounds like you, then come on over! Even if it doesn’t, I’d love to talk. There’s new music to listen to, plenty of applesauce, and the pizza JUST GOT HERE.

Music Examples